Stop the baby talk!

No more baby talk!.png

Okay. I just need to vent for a minute.

Parents, when your children become toddlers please, please, please, STOP THE BABY TALK!

No, I am not an expert on language development, but as a Mama of a very smart 2-year-old, I have a little bit of personal experience.

I know that baby talk is beneficial to infants for language development, but at some point, it needs to stop.  My son started talking around 16 months, and that is when we no longer talked to him like a baby. He just turned two in October and he can carry on a conversation.

So, what do I mean?

Today, I went to visit some relatives and they have a four-year old. He was a late talker–not til he turned three. But, they still talk to him like he’s an infant and it drives me insane.

They call the refrigerator a “schridge.” Or, when a word should start with the letter “S” they completely omit it. For example, today the kids were putting stickers on paper plates.  Instead of calling them stickers, they called them “tickers.” So, of course he started doing it too. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want your child to learn the correct words for things.

Maybe I am being too harsh on them, but if you have a choice wouldn’t you want your child to talk properly?

I think that my son talks so well for his age because we don’t talk to him like he is a baby. I suppose I could be way off base, but that is how I feel.


Toilet Paper Roll Snowman


I don’t know about you, but we go through SO MUCH toilet paper. The crafty side of me decided to keep these empty toilet paper rolls and do something fun with them!

These little snowmen are so cute, and my toddler had a blast making them! Please let your child choose what color pipe cleaners, eyes, use. Hopefully this can be used as learning opportunity as well. We focused on colors (he just turned two), and his hand/eye coordination.

Here’s what you will need:

  • hot glue gun
  • decorative fabric for a hat (I used an old Christmas sock)
  • pipe cleaners
  • crayons or markers
  • white paint
  • Elmer’s glue
  • fake eye balls (afterthought: you could also use those little puff balls)

This craft will take a little bit of prep work from you. Or, if your child is old enough, have them help!

Here’s how to make them:

  1.  Paint all the rolls white. whitetubes
  2. Cut large triangles out of your fabric about 1 1/2 inches per side. Next, hot glue two seams together. Be sure to flip the fabric inside out before you glue! Once the glue was dry, flip your fabric right side out so that you no longer see the glue seam. You now have hats!snowmanhat
  3. On the roll, cut two small slits on each side at about the half way mark. This is where the pipe cleaner arms will go. You may need to cut your pipe cleaners in half. Let your child put the pipe cleaners in the holes.
  4. Cut a small slit in the middle front of the roll, about an inch down for the pipe cleaner nose. Cut some small pipe cleaner pieces for the nose. Again, let them put the nose in.
  5. If your child is handy with glue, mine is not, let them add the eyes and buttons. If you are in control of the glue, put a dollop where the eyes and buttons go and let them add those pieces. snowmaneyes
  6. Have your child put the hat and scarf on the snowman. I had to glue the hat down in order for it to stay on. The scarf is just a pipe cleaner wrapped around the tube.
  7. Draw a snowman smile.

At this point, the snowman is complete. If your little one wants to give it some pizzazz by coloring it, let them!!

Have fun!!!






Fire Starters – Easy DIY!



Need to start a fire?  I have the perfect solution to help you get one started!  These DIY fire starters are so simple to make, and you probably have the stuff to make them just lying around the house!

Whether you have a wood stove, a wood burning fireplace, or just want to have an outdoor bonfire these will help get your fire to take off!

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Dryer lint
  • Candle Wax


  1. Stuff your dryer lint into each egg slot in your carton until its full.
  2. Melt candle wax and drizzle the melted wax over the lint. (Use as much wax as you prefer.)
  3. When the wax has hardened, cut out each individual egg slot using scissors or box cutters.
  4. Throw into fire pit and light on fire. Then cover with dry kindling/wood.

I found that one fire starter (one egg slot) burns for about 5-10 minutes. As always when dealing with fire, be safe!

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Tartar Sauce –  Only 3 Ingredients! 


My husband is super picky about his tartar sauce. When we first started dating, I remember he didn’t like the store bought tartar sauce, so he made his own. Nine years later, and he still makes his own!

I have to give him credit though, this recipe is so easy and so much tastier than the store bought!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise  (I like the mayo made with olive oil, but regular will work too!)
  • 1/4 Cup Dill Relish
  • 1/2 Tbsp Mustard


  1. In a bowl, mix all ingredients together.
  2. Enjoy!

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Snowman Painting – Sensory Play



Since it is way too cold to go outside and play today, I thought  we would do some arts and crafts. I love to paint (although I’m not very good), and I want to share the joy of painting with my kids.

I have a large tote of craft supplies, so I grabbed some white and blue paint, cotton balls, and blue card stock paper. Of course, my son came with me to get supplies and saw our stash of fake Easter eggs. He wanted an egg, so I figured I would let him get a bit creative with it!snowmanpaint

On a paper plate, I poured a dollop of white paint, and one of blue. I gave him a handful of cotton balls and showed him how to dab it in the paint and put it on his paper.

I helped him build his snowman by dipping his plastic Easter egg into his paint. We gave  him a face and some buttons.He finished the painting by adding some white and blue snowflakes! (Don’t be afraid to let your little one be  creative and do things on their own, just buy washable paint!)

We had a lot of fun creating his snowman masterpiece!

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Potty Trained by 2- It’s possible!



I had my kids close in age. They are 17 months apart, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought, “Oh boy, I can’t have two babies in diapers!” So, we started with pull-ups when my oldest was 14 months old. He did pretty well, he couldn’t tell me when he had to go yet, so I would take him to the potty every 30-45 minutes. We would go through about 2-3 pull ups/per day which I thought was very good for his age.

Then the baby came. And it basically went downhill. At this point, I was overwhelmed with a new baby, lack of sleep, the frustrations of breast-feeding (it wasn’t easy for me), a toddler tugging on me constantly–that I couldn’t keep up with the constant potty breaks. So we took a potty training hiatus.

About a month shy of his second birthday, I thought “Okay, he’s almost two.  Let’s try this again.”  Back to pull ups. He did well, and learned to tell us when he had to poop, but he still had 3-4 accidents/day. So, a week before he turned two, I bought him some big boy undies!


Thankfully, his first accident was outside. We were out on the deck playing tractors when he stood up, looked down, and pee started trickling out his shorts. Of course, the look on his face was priceless and I laughed hysterically!

I simply explained to him that if he doesn’t pee in the potty, then his new undies will get wet, and he will have to change his clothes. He seemed to understand.

THREE DAYS! Three days is all it took for him to be potty trained. (We still diaper him at night, just to be safe!) In the first month,  he would tell me when he had to go potty, but I would also take him every 1-2 hours just to be sure. But he did it! I was/am one proud Mama!

He is now 27 months old, and he can do it all – all by himself!  We bought him a stool so that he can stand up on it and go in the big potty, just like Dad!

I know that this won’t work for every child, but it’s worth a shot! What do you have to lose?




Uppercase Alphabet ~ Free Coloring Printable


Your little ones will love this uppercase alphabet printable that they can color! It also has a picture next to each letter that they can color as well. Of course, they may need your help identifying some pictures. For example, I used a picture of yarn for the letter Y.


Not only will they enjoy the coloring aspect of this, but hopefully it will help them learn their letters!

Click the link below to open and print the document, and be sure to like and Pin this free printable!

Uppercase Alphabet ~ Free Coloring Printable