Monthly Bill Organizer

Organize your bills this year using this simple binder! I have been doing this for three years now, and it really helps keep my bills organized, and it helps me to remember when bills are due and the amount.


First, buy a 1 inch three ring binder. I like the ones that have the pocket in front. I like to keep my return address labels, stamps, etc. in there so that when I pay bills all my supplies are right there!

Second, download and print 12 copies of a bill payment schedule. Once printed, 3 hole punch each page and write the month at the top.

Then, in your binder, insert the month of January face first on the left hand side of the rings, then insert a 3-hole heavyweight clear sheet protector (these are used to store the bills). Then insert the month of February, and then another sheet protector, and so on until all months are finished.

I like to use the heavyweight sheet protectors to store each month’s bills. I currently have about 10 monthly bills, and it will hold all my paper copy billing statements without tearing.

Once you have your binder put together, you can add your bill information on the bill schedule. I fill out the bills due each month at the beginning of that month, in chronological order, so that I know what bills need to be paid that month (sometimes our bills vary with insurance, registrations, etc.). So for me, it is easier to wait until the month rolls around to fill them out. Mostly I just copy from the previous month!

About once a week, I get out my binder and pay the bills that are due that week. I also jot down what bills were paid from automatic bill pay (super handy!).

So, that’s it! Very simple organizational tool that will help keep your bills in one place, and help you remember to pay the correct amounts and pay them on time!!



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