Potty Trained by 2- It’s possible!



I had my kids close in age. They are 17 months apart, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought, “Oh boy, I can’t have two babies in diapers!” So, we started with pull-ups when my oldest was 14 months old. He did pretty well, he couldn’t tell me when he had to go yet, so I would take him to the potty every 30-45 minutes. We would go through about 2-3 pull ups/per day which I thought was very good for his age.

Then the baby came. And it basically went downhill. At this point, I was overwhelmed with a new baby, lack of sleep, the frustrations of breast-feeding (it wasn’t easy for me), a toddler tugging on me constantly–that I couldn’t keep up with the constant potty breaks. So we took a potty training hiatus.

About a month shy of his second birthday, I thought “Okay, he’s almost two.  Let’s try this again.”  Back to pull ups. He did well, and learned to tell us when he had to poop, but he still had 3-4 accidents/day. So, a week before he turned two, I bought him some big boy undies!


Thankfully, his first accident was outside. We were out on the deck playing tractors when he stood up, looked down, and pee started trickling out his shorts. Of course, the look on his face was priceless and I laughed hysterically!

I simply explained to him that if he doesn’t pee in the potty, then his new undies will get wet, and he will have to change his clothes. He seemed to understand.

THREE DAYS! Three days is all it took for him to be potty trained. (We still diaper him at night, just to be safe!) In the first month,  he would tell me when he had to go potty, but I would also take him every 1-2 hours just to be sure. But he did it! I was/am one proud Mama!

He is now 27 months old, and he can do it all – all by himself!  We bought him a stool so that he can stand up on it and go in the big potty, just like Dad!

I know that this won’t work for every child, but it’s worth a shot! What do you have to lose?





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