Stop the baby talk!

No more baby talk!.png

Okay. I just need to vent for a minute.

Parents, when your children become toddlers please, please, please, STOP THE BABY TALK!

No, I am not an expert on language development, but as a Mama of a very smart 2-year-old, I have a little bit of personal experience.

I know that baby talk is beneficial to infants for language development, but at some point, it needs to stop.  My son started talking around 16 months, and that is when we no longer talked to him like a baby. He just turned two in October and he can carry on a conversation.

So, what do I mean?

Today, I went to visit some relatives and they have a four-year old. He was a late talker–not til he turned three. But, they still talk to him like he’s an infant and it drives me insane.

They call the refrigerator a “schridge.” Or, when a word should start with the letter “S” they completely omit it. For example, today the kids were putting stickers on paper plates.  Instead of calling them stickers, they called them “tickers.” So, of course he started doing it too. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want your child to learn the correct words for things.

Maybe I am being too harsh on them, but if you have a choice wouldn’t you want your child to talk properly?

I think that my son talks so well for his age because we don’t talk to him like he is a baby. I suppose I could be way off base, but that is how I feel.