Snowman Painting – Sensory Play



Since it is way too cold to go outside and play today, I thought  we would do some arts and crafts. I love to paint (although I’m not very good), and I want to share the joy of painting with my kids.

I have a large tote of craft supplies, so I grabbed some white and blue paint, cotton balls, and blue card stock paper. Of course, my son came with me to get supplies and saw our stash of fake Easter eggs. He wanted an egg, so I figured I would let him get a bit creative with it!snowmanpaint

On a paper plate, I poured a dollop of white paint, and one of blue. I gave him a handful of cotton balls and showed him how to dab it in the paint and put it on his paper.

I helped him build his snowman by dipping his plastic Easter egg into his paint. We gave  him a face and some buttons.He finished the painting by adding some white and blue snowflakes! (Don’t be afraid to let your little one be  creative and do things on their own, just buy washable paint!)

We had a lot of fun creating his snowman masterpiece!

I hope that you and you’re little one will enjoy it as much as we did! Please like and share this post if you did!